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Our beautiful hotel is located in South Crete. Due to its beautiful location on top of the hills of Plakias, you have a magnificent view from the balconies. In total there are six apartments and the owner lives on the top floor.

Apartments A and B are suitable for 2 to 4 persons and type C is for 2 to 5 persons. They are spread over the first and second floor and are spacious.

All types have a spacious living room with a kitchenette and a sofa that offers sleeping space for two people. The bedroom has two single beds or a double bed.

Type C is the same as type A with the exception of an extra bedroom with a double bed. All bathrooms have a shower and toilet. The balconies are spacious and offer a wide view of the hilly surroundings, Plakias and have side sea views.

Type A has a corner balcony or a balcony over the full width of the apartment. Type B has an indoor balcony and type C has a balcony over the full width and an intermittent sea view.

The hotel is cleaned three times a week. Then the bed linen and towels are also changed.

Next to the hotel is a cooling swimming pool surrounded by a spacious terrace with pergola and some sunbeds and seats.

The distance from hotel by road to the village and the beach is 900 meters. It is also possible to take a sloping paved path on foot, then the distance is only 500 meters.

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